Bamboo Bun Bunting

Random Basket Weave Bun Bunting

Mop Cover

Hand Duster

Dishcloth Graph
34 Stitches Wide

Dishcloth Graph
35 Stitches Wide

Entralac can be a bit intimidating to a new knitter. Here is a dishcloth that looks like Entralac, but isn’t. You start with one square and work from there. I like to call it
This would make a cool scarf!

I have no desire to be sued, so I'm not mentioning any specific product here, but if you are in need of a mop cover like the one to the left, please feel free to download my FREE pattern. I made several out of leftover dishcloth cotton. They look really cool in multicolors and the garter stitch makes a nice scrubbing pad. Best of all — they are machine washable and reusable which could save you a bundle.
Knit up these cozy little “Bun Buntings” and your buns will never be cold. Tiny little eyelets are in each corner to thread
i-cords that you just pull up with a snap.
The buntings make nice gifts too.
I fill them with all sorts of goodies.

Here is a Reusable Replacement for your Swiffer-Like Duster.
Make it our of wool and
it will create static electricity
that really attracks dust —

Just remember not to wash it in
hot water or throw it in the dryer
unless you use superwash wool.

Dishcloth Graph
34 Stitches Wide
Here's 2 perfectly proportioned graphs you can use to design your own dishcloths.
One is for casting on 34 stitches and
the other is for casting on 35 stitches.
Just click on the graph you to have like
for a full size pdf download.

Dishcloth Graph
35 Stitches Wide

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